Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Learning to Learn Quotes

A quote from Professor Kingsfield (in the Paper Chase)

"Here we use the Socratic method: I call on you; I ask you a question; you answer it. Why
don't I just give you a lecture? Because through my questions you learn to teach yourselves.By this method of questioning-answering, questioning-answering, we seek to develop in you the ability to analyze that vast complex of facts that constitutes the relationships of members within a given society.”


They Know Enough
who Know How to Learn

Henry Brooks Adams,
1838 - 1918
American journalist/author

Education in our times must try to find whatever there is
in students that might yearn for completion, and to reconstruct
the learning that would enable them autonomously
to seek that completion.’

Allan Bloom (1930-1992)

Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Role of an Educator a changing attitude

Roles of adult Educators:
I would like to highlight a couple of videos and web sites I found interesting and fitting for my type of learning. I say my type of learning, because I often did not learn the way my teachers were teaching. I have a rather short attention span, and realizing throughout the last two years of teaching, so do many of the students. Now what does this have to do with the role of the Teacher/Instructor? In today’s classroom we have come away from the conformity one learning style or philosophy and moved to a more individual learning approach Students of all ages and especially adult students want to be involved in their learning; they have a huge appetite for engagement in the entire process from learning to assessment and evaluation.
The biggest changes have not come from technology in the class room but from the changing attitudes and demands from the students to which teachers and instructors have to adapt. We have to become mentors, coaches, and guides to learning, agents of changes, facilitators and role models.
 References and videos,

Monday, 7 October 2013

Trends or simply the future of education?

From a personal perspective I have seen a dramatic change in many areas of my trade as a Pastry Chef.
- Demographics, the Pastry and baking Arts program at SAIT has seen a change in Female enrollment, accounting for 90% of all available seats in the program.
-Generational diversity, an ever growing number of mature students getting behind the school desk.
-Ethnic diversity, expanding immigration means a more diverse class room, with trends toward courses tailored to ESL students
-Technology trends, incorporating technology into the class room and curriculum or Blended learning, has changed many aspects of delivery from communication to assessment
-Collaborative learning, in progressive schools across the country, students and teachers are learning from each other. Sharing information using social media to learn more about specific subjects can be a powerful tool.
Three trends that define the future of teaching and learning, by Tina Barseghian
You, Me and Them: Dealing with Generational differences in the work place, by Dr Linda Duxbury, Carleton University,